Dental Implant Complications to Avoid

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Dental Implant Complications to Avoid

Dental implants are a viable solution to tooth loss. Not only do they replace your missing tooth or teeth permanently, but they also help support your overall facial structure, preventing premature aging. That’s why more and more people are getting dental implants. But just like any other procedure, implant surgery has its risks. If you’re considering to get dental implants, here are the implant complications you want to avoid:


Infection is one of the most common types of complications experienced by various dental implant patients. This is caused by poor oral hygiene and failing to follow your oral surgeon’s postop instructions. If you don’t want to end up with an infection, keep in mind to practice good oral hygiene and follow your oral surgeon’s postop instructions, especially in the first months after surgery.

Sinus Problem

Sinus problems can occur as a complication of sinus bone grafting and dental implant procedure. Although sinus bone grafting is considered to be a safe procedure, postop maxillary sinus problems can sometimes occur. This is caused by bacteria, viruses, or fungi. It’s best to have your dental implants placed by an experienced oral surgeon who’s keen on keeping his instruments and clinic sterilized and clean.

Nerve Damage

Nerve damage is a result of placing the implants too close to the nerves along your jawbone. To avoid this from happening, your oral surgeon can use digital x-ray imaging to guarantee that the implants are nowhere close to your nerves.

Failed Osseointegration

Failed osseointegration can be caused by several factors including infection, autoimmune disease, smoking, heavy drinking, metal allergy, and more. To guarantee successful osseointegration, it’s best to discuss your medical history with your oral surgeon to identify any systemic or immune conditions that could hamper the fusion process of your implants and to follow his/her pre and postop instructions to a T. 

Looking for Dental Implants?

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