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Appearance Implant & Family Dentistry of Jupiter

Appearance Implant & Family Dentistry of Jupiter has over 35 years’ experience in Palm Beach County and thousands of satisfied patients. We offer a complete range of services at affordable prices. Our specialist and dentists are constantly attending classes and seminars on the latest advancements in patient care.

We assure the highest quality dental care by using state-of-the-art technology. Digital Tomographic/Panoramic X-rays and explanatory videos can be seen by patients and staff together on the computer screen in each room. Our treatment coordinators will gladly review the procedures with you and answer any questions you have before starting any work.

We are highly confident that with our experienced and friendly staff, state of the art technology and affordable prices, Appearance Implant and Family Dentistry of Jupiter will be the right choice for you. We look forward to welcoming you as a new patient, and are always a phone call away.

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Our Experienced and Friendly Staff 

Why Implant Dentistry?

Implant dentistry helps correct the number one problem caused by losing teeth – bone loss. Losing teeth begins a process that will change the shape of the face leading to an “elderly” appearance. The loss of bone causes the face to shorten. The chin rises and appears to jut out as the lips pull inward, thinning as they roll back. This causes the nose to appear bigger. Together, this can lead to an effect called “witches chin.”  As the chin rises and the lips pull inward, the cheeks thicken along the jawline and droop, a major contributor to the formation of “jowls.”

Dental implants help prevent bone loss, much like a natural tooth – it puts internal pressure on the bone, stimulating it to stay strong. Avoid the inadequacies of outdated solutions to tooth loss (and the potential plastic surgery) – get a free consultation today. We provide insurance and financing options to help you affordably attain your best smile – for life!

Featuring Better on 8™

the superior solution for full-arch tooth replacement

Better On 8™ is a Full Round House Crown & Bridge and is the best solution for permanent full-arch tooth replacement, superior to the more common All-on-4 procedure. For a limited time, we are offering Better-on-8 for the same price as All-on-4. 

Full Round House Crown & Bridge
Newest Dental Technology

Insurance and Financing

Our team can provide you with services to help make things more affordable for you. We have the lowest costs on dental implants and we offer long or short term financing plans and dental insurance to make all aspects of your care more comfortable. 

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