Dental Implants

Dental Implants

The Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants are ideal for people who are missing one or more teeth and offer a natural-looking smile and restore normal eating and drinking function. With implants, you can fill gaps in the smile, stop suffering from jaw pain caused by an uneven bite, and enjoy a long-term solution for lost teeth due to injury or decay. Implants offer a permanent solution, different from daily-removable appliances such as dentures, a partial, or bridge.

How Dental Implants Work

Whether you are missing one tooth or have several sections of teeth that are missing or decayed and need to be pulled, dental implants can offer an excellent alternative to dentures or bridges.

Getting dental implants requires oral surgery.

During the procedure an implant, a screw-like device, is placed in the jaw where the tooth’s root would normally be. For several months the implant will slowly granulate into the bone in the jaw, the bone healing and forming around the implant until it is firmly anchored.

Once the implant has solidly fused into the bone an abutment will be placed over the implant. The abutment will be used to secure a natural looking tooth, an implant crown, that will be custom made by the lab. A temporary crown covers the abutment in the meantime while the permanent custom implant crown is being made.

Prosthetic teeth behave just like natural teeth, allowing you to eat and drink normally, and to smile without embarrassment.

Need full-arch tooth replacement?

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Dental Implants in Jupiter, Florida

If you are in the Jupiter, Florida, area and think dental implants would be right for you, contact Appearance Implant for a free consultation. Our highly trained staff brings decades of experience to each patient, and we take pride in serving the dental needs of Jupiter area residents. At your consultation appointment, we will go over all of your options and discuss a consistent plan for creation and care of your dental implants.

Dental Implant FAQ’s

Costs can vary quite a bit depending on your dental insurance coverage. Appearance Implant accepts many insurance plans, along with cash, credit cards, and checks. For large expenditures, we offer CareCredit®, which allows 12 months at 0% interest if the balance is paid in full before 12 months has elapsed. We will discuss all of your payment options and are happy to check on your insurance coverage during your free dental implant consultation in our Jupiter office. Contact us  today at 561-250-6307 to set up your consultation.

Getting dental implants involves oral surgery, and like any surgery, some pain afterwards is to be expected. But just as when you get other dental services such as a filling, crown, or tooth pulling, anesthesia is administered before the procedure, so you won’t feel pain during the actual dental implant surgery. Minor swelling and moderate pain can occur for a few days after the procedure, which can be effectively managed with over-the-counter pain medication like Tylenol®.

While titanium dental implants are designed to last a lifetime, wear and tear on the prosthetic teeth on top (“crowns”) and the abutments that attach the crown to the implant usually need to be replaced after approximately 10-15 years. Teeth that get more heavy use from chewing, such as the molars, may need to be replaced sooner. However, proper, regular hygienic care is key to the longevity of your implants. We will review the best care plan for your dental implants to maximize their life.

Choosing a practice that has extensive experience in placing dental implants is important. We have been serving clients for more than three decades and have experience in placing all types of dental implants for our patients. Most dental implant surgeries take around two hours, but it can vary depending on how much work needs to be done. We will work with you to make the experience one that works best for you. Whether replacing a single missing tooth or filling the whole mouth, Appearance Implant offers an experienced practice for cosmetic and preventive dentistry.