Teeth in a Day Jupiter | What to Expect During a Teeth in a Day Procedure

September 18, 2019

If you’ve lost most of your teeth and are looking for a permanent teeth replacement solution to complete your smile, then you may want to consider teeth in a day Jupiter. Teeth in a day offer the same benefits as dental implants, minus the lengthy procedure. In just a few hours you can walk out of the clinic with a brand-new, beautiful smile. It might sound like it’s too good to be true, but modern technology paved the way for instant replacement of your full set of teeth with just four implants! Here’s what you can expect during teeth in a day procedure:


Teeth in a day Jupiter begins with a check-up. Your dentist needs to know if you’re a suitable candidate for this procedure. He/she will also ask you about your medical history and any existing condition. 


You will undergo CT scans for a 3-D image of your jawbone. This will help your dentist decide which areas are the strategic locations to place your implants and the areas of your facial structure that needs the most support.


Virtual implants will be digitally positioned on the 3-D image of your jawbone. This is how your dentist will plan where to place the implants so it can optimally support the replacement teeth.


After the planning, your dentist will begin to perform tooth extractions, bone shaping, and implant placement.

Temporary Teeth

Your dentist will attach temporary replacement teeth directly to your implants through abutments to securely attach them. This is essential to aid initial healing.


Until you’re fully healed, you will need to keep on using the temporary teeth. On most cases, patients only wear them for up to 3 months.

Permanent Teeth

Once the implants have fully fused with your jawbone, your dentist will remove the temporary ones and replace it with permanent teeth. 

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Smile with confidence with your brand-new set of beautiful teeth with Teeth in a Day Jupiter! At Appearance Implant Dental of Jupiter, we will make sure you get the smile you desire. Contact us for inquiries!

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