Same Day Dentures Jupiter | Things You Need to Know About Same Day Dentures

February 25, 2020

When complete extractions of your remaining teeth become inevitable, you can replace them immediately with same day dentures Jupiter. What’s great about this tooth replacement option, is that you never have to go without teeth. So, you can smile with confidence when you walk out of the clinic. In this article, we will discuss the things you need to know about same day dentures.

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Things You Need to Know About Same Day Dentures?

Can Provide an Immediate Solution to Missing Teeth

Same day dentures Jupiter are a tooth replacement option used for patients who need to have their remaining teeth extracted. Same day dentures are inserted into your mouth immediately after your remaining natural teeth have been extracted. There’s no need for waiting for your new dentures to be fabricated between appointments before you can finally smile, eat, and speak properly.

What is the Process of Getting Same Day Dentures?

The first step in getting same day dentures is a consultation. You need to have your teeth and jaw assessed and impressions are taken. This step is vital in making sure that your dentures fit you perfectly. The second step involves carefully selecting the color, shape, and size of your replacement teeth to guarantee that your dentures look natural on you. The third step involves the fabrication of your actual dentures. It’ll only take about an hour or so to make it. It is made of cold-cure acrylic to make sure it can be made quickly. After this, your remaining teeth will be extracted, and your denture will be inserted.

What are the Advantages of Same Day Dentures?

Same day dentures replace your missing teeth immediately, allowing you to smile with confidence when you walk out of the clinic. They also help restore the function of your teeth and jaws, allowing you to speak and eat properly without difficulty.

who offers the best same day dentures jupiter?

Looking for Same Day Dentures Jupiter?

Replace your missing teeth immediately with same day dentures Jupiter. At Appearance Implant Dental of Jupiter, we offer high-quality same day dentures at a reasonable price! Contact us for inquiries!

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