Full Mouth Reconstruction Jupiter | Tips After Getting a Full Mouth Reconstruction

November 1, 2019

Getting a full mouth reconstruction Jupiter can help bring back the smile that you lost. It can also restore the functions of your mouth, making it stronger and more useful. If you’re planning to undergo a full mouth reconstruction, then these aftercare tips will help you keep your smile beautiful and healthier for longer. Here are some tips for maintaining a full mouth reconstruction:


If your dentist put fillings in your teeth to fill in holes, then it’s important to avoid chewing on hard foods and things to prevent your teeth from breaking. It’s also normal for your teeth to be sensitive and for your gums to feel sore for a few days. If you want your fillings to last, always practice good oral hygiene.

Root Canal

Undergoing this procedure will save your tooth and help avoid the need for an extraction. It’s normal for the treated area to feel sore for a couple of days, but if the soreness persists for more than a week, then it’s best to consult your dentist. Also, keep in mind not to chew or bite with the treated tooth until a permanent crown is placed.


If veneers are a part of your full mouth reconstruction Jupiter, then keep in mind to avoid grinding your teeth or chewing on hard things to prevent it from breaking or chipping. It’s also important to practice good oral hygiene to make them last.


Tooth extractions are sometimes necessary during a full mouth reconstruction. To prevent infection, keep in mind to only eat soft foods for the first 24 hours after surgery. Also, don’t brush or use mouthwash for a few days, use a warm salt water rinse instead.

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Where to Have Your Full Mouth Reconstruction Jupiter?

Get a full mouth reconstruction Jupiter today to have a beautiful, stronger, and healthier smile tomorrow! At Appearance Implant Dental of Jupiter, our team of experienced dental professionals will guarantee that your full mouth reconstruction procedure is a success! Contact us for inquiries!

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