Dentist Jupiter | Why You Should Get Dental Fillings

December 23, 2019

Despite practicing good oral hygiene, cavities and decay can still develop and damage your teeth, especially in hard-to-reach areas of your mouth where it can be difficult to clean. Seeing a dentist Jupiter regularly for a thorough dental cleaning and to check on your mouth for any cavities or decay will help treat the problem early on before it develops into something more serious that would require a root canal treatment. Here are the reasons why you should get dental fillings:

Dental Fillings Do More Than Fix Cavities

Aside from treating decay and cavities, dental fillings can also be used to fix cracked or broken teeth. Dental fillings can even repair teeth that have become worn down due to misuse.

Lasts Up to 15 Years

Porcelain and gold fillings are proven to last for more than 15 years. With proper care and regular dentist Jupiter visits, your fillings can even last longer! This means that fillings can protect your tooth for an extensive period of time, giving you nothing to worry about!

Matches Your Natural Teeth

If you’re concerned about how your fillings will look, you don’t have to worry because dental fillings are made of composite resin that matches the aesthetics of your teeth.

Strengthen a Tooth with a Weakened Structure

Indirect fillings in the form of inlays or onlays are proven to be useful when an existing tooth structure is too weak to support a traditional filling, especially if the damage does not require the use of a crown.

It Can Prevent Infection

In cases wherein you need to undergo dental work across multiple visits, a temporary tooth filling can be placed to protect your exposed tooth from infection and to allow your tooth and gums to heal properly.

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Looking for a Dentist Jupiter?

Visit a dentist Jupiter today to check if any of your teeth need a dental filling. Always remember that prevention is better than cure. At Appearance Implant Dental of Jupiter, we are dedicated to helping individuals achieve the healthy smile they deserve. Contact us for inquiries!

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