Dental Implants 33458 | What Happens During the Implant Procedure

June 7, 2019

Dental implants are considered to be the best way to replace a missing tooth. Not only do implants look natural, but they are also designed to mimic the nature of your natural teeth; thus, the osseointegration. If you’re planning to get dental implants 33458, then you might want a little insight into some things that happen during an implant procedure.

Tooth Extraction and Bone Grafting

Not all patients are required to undergo bone grafting, except for those that don’t have enough bone structure to support the implants. If you’re one of those who needs to go through bone grafting, then you’ll have to wait for around 4-12 months before you can get your dental implants 33458. This time will allow your jaw bones to fully heal.

Implant Placing

After putting you to sleep through anesthesia, the oral surgeon will anchor the screws securely into your bone. The procedure may take around 1-2 hours depending on how many implants are to be placed. After this, you will need to wait for around 5 months for the lower jaw and 7 months for the upper jaw to fully heal before getting a temporary crown.

Placing of a Temporary Crown or a Healing Collar

After successful osseointegration, a temporary crown or a healing collar will be placed on the head of the implants to aid the gum tissues in healing properly around each implant. This will take around 10-14 days.

Putting Off the Abutment

The abutment will be screwed into the implants to help support the crowns. But before getting your permanent crowns the dentist will let you wear a temporary crown for around four to six weeks.

Placing of the Permanent Crown

In placing the crowns, it can either be cemented or screwed into the abutment. The good thing about having your crowns cemented is that there won’t be any screw holes visible at any angle.

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